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If you want to make rapid improvements as a surfer and get surf-fit fast, then you’ve come to the right place. You’re probably here because you enjoy surfing, love the ocean and want to quickly enhance your surfing performance right? Our goal at Surf Training Secrets is to coach you how to get ‘surf-fit’ fast, so that you swiftly build a strong and supple surfing body, catch more waves and have more fun each time you paddle out. Click on the video below so that you can see and hear how I can help you, your surfing and your surfing body.

Hayden Rhodes

Surfing Workouts and Surf Exercise for a Better Body

Surfing workouts that improve physical strength combined with flexibility and endurance can dramatically affect how you look and feel and definitely help create a better body. Surfing itself is a great workout and as you can see in the video below places demands on the body that can be both harsh and rewarding. What better way…


Surf Training for Surfing Bigger Waves and How to Hold Your Breathe Underwater for Longer

WELCOME TO SURF TRAINING SECRETS The Place To Be if You Want To Build a Better Surfing Body. Thanks for Dropping In…. Surf Training for Bigger Waves & How to Hold Your Breathe Underwater for Longer Surfing Training Secrets: Yo! As surfers we typically want to push our limits right? This ultimately means…



Surfing is a unique sport that challenges our minds and body’s in many diverse ways each time we paddle out. The fact that mother nature doesn’t provide us with a perfect play and practice environment whenever we surf and forces us to battle with wind, wave chops, swell direction, tides, currents, water temperature, flat spells, seasons, and a moving playing field, means that the more time spent in the water (within reason) the better progressions we can make with our surfing skills and abilities.

This fundamentally means that to get better at surfing requires that our base training, be surfing. Paddling out in a variety of surf spots, practicing skills on different boards and learning to read the ocean should be priority in your surfing training.

BUT … and this is a BIG BUT…

Conditioning with correct land and water based strength movements, exercises and drills can excel a surfers performance, reduce the likelihood of injury, enhance endurance and increase performance consistency every time you surf. This is especially true if you wish to surf well both now and in the future.

The thing is, there is a fine line between doing what is beneficial and what is not. There is also a fine line between balancing time spent on your board and time spent performing surf specific fitness to bring about the best and fastest results.


Let me explain. World class coaches consider time as one of the most important training variables to consider whenever they prescribe sport conditioning programs. Time under tension (TUT) is a strength and conditioning variable that dictates the outcome of any exercise or movement, therefore extremely relevant to every repetition and every set during your training. Coaches also consider total training time (TTT) for each individual and each workout, while also taking into account the law of diminishing returns. In the training world this translates to mean that the longer you strength train at any one time then the lower the output or results you can achieve.

For surfing training and conditioning this often further translates into a basic truth we all tend to forget. Less is more. Especially in today’s modern world where we are often time starved to surf train in the first place. In order to improve explosiveness and power (speed x strength) at the same time as developing paddling power and endurance, while also building a strong and supple surfing body, it is of paramount importance we play particular attention to TUT and TTT. Put simply, spend your time wisely when performing surfing strength conditioning so that you get the most bang for your buck.



It doesn’t matter if your a complete novice just getting your feet wet or a seasoned pro on the world tour, having a functional surfing body will always equate to better performance in the water. A functional surfing body means good physical alignment and structural integrity which is why so many athletes focus on posture and incorporate things like yoga and dynamic flexibility into their routines. Remember, good surfers are good athletes. Period. Great surfers must therefore be great athletes. People tend to forget this obvious fact. It’s a pretty simple concept. Why should surfers be any different from other athletes?


In most cases this means short, sharp, surf specific workouts are better than longer draining sessions. ‘Train don’t Drain’ is another well know conditioning phrase that expert coaches throw around because it is all too common for exercisers to follow over zealous training programs that lead to energy depletion rather than energy cultivation. This is particularly relevant to surfers who need to be ready to perform at anytime.

You see strength and conditioning is one of the best things to quickly improve your surfing performance yet can hamper your goals if training parameters or movements are not specific to your sport, body and lifestyle. Why do you think professional athletes have coaches? We are all unique and every exercise or training methodology is not suitable for every athlete.



If you want to achieve fast surfing fitness combined with a more powerful surfing body it all starts with developing an athletic mind set. This means focusing on improving your surfing body and your mind using a variety of training methodologies. Consistently. It especially means paddling out as an athlete and working on your paddling speed whenever you surf, focusing on repeating specific movements you want to master even if it means falling. Most of all, it means practicing getting into the right mental mindset prior to surfing and maintaining that mind set in the water.

There are many surfing athletes in the line up, all wanting to catch the same waves as you. Many of them have focused on both land and water based surfing training and like most athletes will have performed most of the hard work prior to entering the water or competition. They may have worked on surf specific fitness on a long-board, or over in Bali, or swimming in a pool. They could have worked on improving flexibility with weekly yoga classes or they could be hitting the gym with a surf trainer so that they can surf hard when they get to the beach. Either way you look at it, if the athletic conditioning work has been done all ready, you just have to paddle out and surf.


The good news is that functional surfing fitness and getting surf fit fast, need not take hours of effort and can be achieved very quickly. Whether you simply want to catch more waves, have more fun or improve as a professional athlete, there are always surf training secrets and strategies to quickly improve your personal surfing capabilities.


After all, if you love surfing you probably find it acts like a brilliant form of natural medicine, so it makes sense to keep your body surf strong and healthy for the rest of your life. Heck, if you can continue to medicate by catching waves and surfing well forever – why would you not invest in building your surfing fitness and improving the health and function of your body? Lets make that your reality.

I am 100% confident I can help you improve your surfing fitness and training and look forward to coaching you further at the Inside Section of the website where the real surf training takes place. You can get there by hitting the Fast Surfing Fitness link below.

Thanks for dropping in to Surf Training Secrets. If you have comments click on the small grey comments button below or alternatively, contact me personally.


Hayden your coaching and training programs are really professional and beyond what I expected. You can help a lot of surfers and people improve their lives and performance. My surfing fitness, general health and mindset has improved dramatically since following your advice. Thank You so much. Ray Newcastle Australia


Hayden, you continue to deliver on the knowledge! In Vegas, I learned more from you in a week about diet and nutrition effecting overall performance than the 5 yrs I’ve been researching it myself. You’re the real deal, thanks for the info. Counting down the days until it snows in the mountains to get back on my board. Nick. USA


I have to congratulate you for the quality of the exercises that exist in your trainings. I like that you give specific exercises for me to improve different tricks that exist in the surf as for example cut back, floater, aerials…etc. It is a pleasure to learn with you. The quality of trainings insures that I constantly improve. Thank You. Santi, Spain.



HI Surf Training Secrets. Thank You for the flexibility and the surfing fitness program. My body has improved so much in only six weeks since following your advice. Obviously my surfing is way improved too. Thanks for great and valuable products and website. Keep surfing! Jill. Hawaii.


Hey H, D Man & Surf Training Secrets Team, I just got through the 8 week surfing training program and am pretty happy. Lost 3kg, my lung capacity has improved so much and my body feels lighter yet faster on my board. Really enjoyed following your advice, and found when combined with your nutrition advice my results really speed up. You helped me a lot bro and can help a lot of athletes. KiaOra & Kia Kaha Andy NZ.


I’ve known Hayden since 1991 and trained in the university gym with him many, many times. By following his training program I passed my police department’s rigorous SWAT assessment aged 41. The proof of his dedication and knowledge are obvious from his physique and endless energy. Cheers D Man!


Hey Surf oriented Dudes & Dudettes; Pay attention to Hayden and his expertise regarding general good health and training routines. He has always been ahead of the industry and the learning curve to help you stay focused and fit for any sport on the surf or turf. RJ Bellanca – Experienced GM – Private Club Industry