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If you want to make rapid improvements as a surfer then you’ve come to the right place. Our goal at Surf Training Secrets is to coach you how to get surf-fit fast and build a body to last, so that you catch more waves and perform at your best every time you paddle out. We also aim to help clean up our oceans and help with environmental protection and charity programs.

We believe that surfers who develop a body build to last, not only catch more waves for life, they tend to appreciate living in a healthy environments. This is important because as surfers, we are intimately connected to our environment through beaches, forests, reefs, oceans, sand dunes, coastlines and more.

We believe that surfers who truly understand the correlation between the health of our oceans, our planet and ourselves means a better chance we will leave crystal clear waves for future generations.




Hayden your coaching and training programs are really professional and beyond what I expected. You can help a lot of surfers and people improve their lives and performance. My surfing fitness, general health and mindset has improved dramatically since following your advice. Thank You so much. Ray Newcastle Australia


Hayden, you continue to deliver on the knowledge! In Vegas, I learned more from you in a week about diet and nutrition effecting overall performance than the 5 yrs I’ve been researching it myself. You’re the real deal, thanks for the info. Counting down the days until it snows in the mountains to get back on my board. Nick. USA


I have to congratulate you for the quality of the exercises that exist in your trainings. I like that you give specific exercises for me to improve different tricks that exist in the surf as for example cut back, floater, aerials…etc. It is a pleasure to learn with you. The quality of trainings insures that I constantly improve. Thank You. Santi, Spain.



HI Surf Training Secrets. Thank You for the flexibility and the surfing fitness program. My body has improved so much in only six weeks since following your advice. Obviously my surfing is way improved too. Thanks for great and valuable products and website. Keep surfing! Jill. Hawaii.


Hey H, D Man & Surf Training Secrets Team, I just got through the 8 week surfing training program and am pretty happy. Lost 3kg, my lung capacity has improved so much and my body feels lighter yet faster on my board. Really enjoyed following your advice, and found when combined with your nutrition advice my results really speed up. You helped me a lot bro and can help a lot of athletes. KiaOra & Kia Kaha Andy NZ.


I’ve known Hayden since 1991 and trained in the university gym with him many, many times. By following his training program I passed my police department’s rigorous SWAT assessment aged 41. The proof of his dedication and knowledge are obvious from his physique and endless energy. Cheers D Man!


Hey Surf oriented Dudes & Dudettes; Pay attention to Hayden and his expertise regarding general good health and training routines. He has always been ahead of the industry and the learning curve to help you stay focused and fit for any sport on the surf or turf. RJ Bellanca – Experienced GM – Private Club Industry