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It’s that time of year where most surfers around the world think about the year ahead and what they can accomplish…10 days have passed since N’Year celebrations and I hope your head is a bit clearer… (I also hope you had a rocking good time)… the timing is now right to line up your New Years resolutions so that your surfing, your surfing body and perhaps even your life moves in the direction you wish.

Surf Training Secret: Working out for surfing on land while also spending more time in the water are obvious plus’s for the surfing athlete, yet how can you make your time more productive? – Have Goal Work Outs

2014 Reminder: If you surf – you are a surfing athlete
You see athletes have specific goals and reasons for their training. Do you? If you only perform surfing workouts with-out personal goals it is likely you won’t have the necessary desire to continue when the going gets tough or when life ‘gets in the way’. Too many surfers give up because their training is only ‘training’ and they have not dialed in their personal reasons for improving their surfing fitness. Why are you training in the first place? The more reasons you have, the more power you can access and the more you can achieve with your surfing and with your life.


Begin with your own reasons – why you are working out? What do you wish to achieve through your surfing workouts? Is it better health, improved surfing performance,  catching more waves, becoming a competitive surfer or just going over seas on a surf trip? Heck it could be to score more waves and just look better! What are your ‘WHY REASONS’ to workout for surfing? These thoughts are very powerful and are the base of what you can become or can create.


Write those thoughts down on paper and keep them real. Have a big dream, keep that alive, yet write down small achievable goals as a step toward your dream. If your goal is unrealistic or unreachable, your motivation will drop and you want motivation to be as high as possible. Small steps are the way to move forwards.


Surfing goals (unless your all ready a pro) will mostly be personal goals related to your own surfing performance. Remember to allocate specific time into your week required to spend on achieving those surfing goals. Do you need to plan more water time, do you need to get to the beach or a pool every week for your paddle power, perhaps you need to spend time with an exercise specialist to improve your posture, maybe you need to improve your nutrition. All of these things require time, so give yourself enough time each week for each element of your surfing training.


Love going surfing and enjoy each day as it comes! Goals are meant to motivate not stress you out! Surfing is our Medicine Right? So Stay Surf Strong, Fit and Flexible & Keep Your Exercise Surfing Workouts Short, Sharp & Real.

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  1. Sascha says:

    Thanks, I needed this, especially at this time of year. Want to get my competition results up and this will really help. Thank You

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