New Research on Surfing Fitness & Training

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New Research on Surfing Fitness & Training

Olly Farley is a surf researcher who has recently come out with scientific data that shows pro surfers seriously push their bodies limits and need to consider specific facts when surf training. He says that surfers, “who are fitter, stronger, and more powerful will dominate the lineup when surfing”. This means that your surfing fitness and training program will have a dramatic impact on your water time. It also means, spending more time on your board or in the water is a crucial element to improved ocean performance.

Surf Researcher on Surfing Fitness & Surfing Training

Olly researched such times as maximum heart rates when in the water (very surprising), speeds and distances traveled on waves (also surprising) and discussed the best methodologies for surfing exercise and surfing specific fitness. The pictures below are from an article published in Surfer Mag and the link for the entire article is below.

What Surprised Surf Researcher Olly Farley the Most?

Find out here:

Enjoy the surfing research from Olly Farley – you will be glad to find he ‘proves’ the methodologies Surf Training Secrets uses to train surfing athletes is very synergistic. Drop your comments below and remember Surfing is our Medicine Right? So stay surf strong, fit and flexible & keep your exercise surfing workouts short, sharp & real.

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3 Responses to New Research on Surfing Fitness & Training

  1. Olly says:

    Shiatsa…. I gotta get my fitness game back on… no wonder I get hammered all the time! Haha

  2. Alex says:

    Wow! Such high heart rates and fast recoveries, I need to work on my fitness!

  3. Mitch says:

    Amazing research! Great information.

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