Your Best Surfing Exercise is Explosive Surfing

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Your Best Surfing Exercise is Surfing

Last week I blogged about scientific research validating the extreme physiological impact that surfing has on our body and the need for sport specific surfing training and surfing exercise programs. This becomes especially more relevant the better one becomes as a surfer and extremely relevant if you wish to compete or have dreams of turning pro.

That said however, we all know that the very best exercise for surfing is simply to go surfing. However, that alone is not good enough. Whenever you enter the ocean your mind-set will dictate if your surfing will be the best surfing exercise or not. It is your mind-set that determines if you get loads of waves and push yourself each time you paddle out or sit on the inside grovelling. It is your mind-set that makes you go for more waves, paddle harder, surf explosively, or not. When you watch the video below, think about that, think about how these women got so good. All natural talent? I don’t think so. For most of them it was their desire to improve and their mind-set every time they entered the surf.

So this week, enjoy the following video that is aimed to motivate you to surf, motivate you to train, motivate you to move your body so you perform better in the surf. Be prepared to be blown away by the advanced surfing skills of the women in this video.

Surfing in the Ocean: Your Best Surfing Exercise

The Best Surfing Exercise Starts with Your Mind-Set

So, get your mind focused each time you paddle out because that is as important as your surfing fitness and surfing workouts. Hopefully you too will be surfing like the women ripping in this video.

Remember surfing is our medicine right? So stay surf strong, fit and flexible & keep your exercise surfing workouts short, sharp & real. Drop your comments below!

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6 Responses to Your Best Surfing Exercise is Explosive Surfing

  1. Mike says:

    HI H, I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with some of the surfing. They are seriously good. Thanks for the motivation and keep up the great site. Mike US

  2. Bella says:

    Min 2.07 – Insane. B

  3. Xavier says:

    yeah, these girls rip and are super fit, i’m motivated!

  4. Sherry says:

    Thanks H, me too, love to see your appreciating women in the water! X

  5. jo says:

    Great vid, great to see your sharing women’s surfing. Love it.

  6. haydenr says:

    These women surf so good huh?

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