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It’s pretty obvious when watching pro surfers they have an ability to generate speed very quickly and then pull off powerful fast turns at lightening speed. Do you think they work on improving neurological function with speed based surfing workouts or slow gym based programs?

This week we learn from the master of speed Bruce Lee. Check out the incredible timing, speed, co-ordination, flexibility and power he demonstrates in this video. Especially watch the table tennis – amazing speed and timing skills all surfing athletes would love to have.

Fire up speed muscles during your surfing workouts

We can learn a lot from Bruce. His training methods to develop speed and power without becoming bulky can benefit surfers. Please understand that not all muscles are created equally and the muscle fibers required to produce force or generate power when surfing require specific speed training. If you want better success with your surfing or your surfing fitness be sure to utilize some movements that challenge your entire nervous system and fire up the muscles involved with speed and reaction time.

Surfing Workouts – Why not table tennis?  

Both Kelly Slater and Rob Machado like table tennis… a lot… maybe they knew that while also being fun, table tennis helped improve their timing, reaction times and speed. Who knows? Perhaps table tennis was a bit part of their surfing exercise program? Just know that there are many sports and games that can naturally help to boost your surfing fitness and you can use with your surfing workouts to improve speed and reaction times. Often the best movements are the ones where you only use your body weight or very light equipment to generate speed, power and force. Maybe this is why Kelly Slater trains in MMA to help maintain those essential surfing skills. Comments? Drop them below.

Remember surfing is our medicine right? So stay surf strong, fit and flexible & keep your exercise surfing workouts short, sharp & real. Drop your comments below!

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  1. zac says:

    Awesome. Love how you remind us that surfing is a lot more than just surfing and a lot more than just running and lifting weights. I needed that reminder. Cheers. Z. USA

  2. John says:

    Ha ha! yeah table tennis is excellent for timing and well fun… also good for competition. great vid man.

  3. Julie says:

    Amazing movements, Bruce Lee was a legend and you can see why in this video. Thanks for reminding us not all surfing training has to be done in the boring gym!

  4. Mike says:

    Yeah I recon Kelly has gotten stronger from doing MMA and I think martial arts have helped him stay fast and very reactive. Great post. Thanks, keep doing what you do.

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