Quick Moves to Improve Your Surfing Exercise & Your Surfing Body

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Quick Moves to Improve Your Surfing Exercise & Your Surfing Body

Most of us want the fastest way to improve our surfing bodies and our surfing… without looking like an idiot at the beach. (Right?) So here is the first in a collection of video’s to showcase what you can do prior to getting in the water or before starting your surfing workouts.

This series has been made so that you have some fast and effective warm-up and mobilization movements to throw into your surfing exercise program or to do on the beach just before paddling out. Enjoy.

Surfing Exercise Quick Moves Video 1

Stretching, Mobilization and Warm Up Benefits for Surfers

It’s pretty simple really, the goal is to help prepare your nervous and musculoskeletal system before starting paddling out or prior to your surfing fitness or training program. In this Quick Moves video, tuck your head in as low as possible and twist slowly from side to side.

Remember, great athletes like Michael Jordan and Kelly Slater often only remain at peak fitness at the top of the pack, because they have avoided serious injuries. Warming up, stretching for surfing and mobilizing (especially your hips, back and shoulders) can reduce the likelihood of surfing injuries and keep you in the water (surfing well) for much longer as you age… By performing simple, effective movements like this one, you can also dramatically enhance your surfing fitness, so… reap the rewards and improve both strength and flexibility for a better surfing body.

Remember surfing is our medicine right?… So remain surf strong, fit and flexible & keep your exercise surfing workouts short, sharp & real.

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3 Responses to Quick Moves to Improve Your Surfing Exercise & Your Surfing Body

  1. Federico says:

    Hayden man thanks for always sharing insightful data!

    Cheers mate, from South America

  2. Jimbo says:

    Thanks H, even I can do that on the beach without looking like a twat. You make it look so easy though!

  3. Mike says:

    Love it. Thanks mate. Keep up the great motivation and information.

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