How Surfing Nutrition Can Power Up Your Surfing Fitness

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How Surfing Nutrition Can Power Up Your Surfing Fitness

As surfers we tend to neglect the fact that what we eat (and do not eat) has a massive impact on our lives and thus our surfing fitness and potential in the water. This is especially true as we age, with each additional year becoming more and more important to understand how nutrition plays an integral part of the strength of our surfing bodies and long term surfing performance.

SURF TRAINING SECRET: Looking and feeling great is 100% dependent on what you regularly ingest. Nutrition is often the vital missing link in improving surfing potential, performance and strength.

In the video below Taj Burrow and his trainer discuss some of the elements that nutrition and surfing exercise have had on Taj’s mind and body. Watch minute 4 and then check out the delicious power shake recipe below so that you can power up your surfing fitness.

Taj Burrow, Nutrition and Surfing Fitness

As in the case of all surfers, nutrition hugely impacts the hormonal and physiological systems in our bodies and is a vital part of the surfing training equation. Nutrition is a science in itself and this blog touches on the importance of becoming aware of just how vital our food choices are throughout our life. For many surfers one of the easiest way’s to get in some good nutrition in the form of real food is through shakes, smoothies and juices.

Try this Tasty Power Shake For Post Surfing and Surfing Workouts

1 x Fresh Coco Nut (Use both the coconut water and the flesh)

1-2 x Banana

1 x Cup of Ice

Pinch of Cinnamon

Small Pinch of Ground Ginger

Blend well.

Options to add while blending; (i.e. Keep the blender ON)

Teaspoon of Organic Honey

Teaspoon of Organic Cold Pressed Olive or Coconut Oil

Table Spoon of Peanut Butter

1 Fresh Organic Egg (Blend for 5 seconds only)

Tastes Delicious. Obviously you can add all the options or choose what you wish.

Surfing Fitness Benefits – What’s in it for me?

As Taj’s trainer mentions, “Taj feels a lot better when he eats well… he performs better, he has more energy… nutrition is a big part of it” Lets face facts; most of us want to look and feel stronger, have more energy and catch more waves. One of the fastest ways to do this is for focus on good nutrition combined with specific surfing exercises so that you can continue to fire in the water.

YES: You will have more energy during surfing sessions, and surfing fitness training sessions.

YES: You will recover faster from surfing, surfing workouts and have less injuries.

YES: You will more easily maintain a lean muscular physique and maintain your sex drive.

YES: You can continue to party, socialize and have fun.

YES: Nutrition is a huge part of building a better surfing body.

These points alone should have you digging for more free information on how you can quickly improve your surfing body with the power of nutrition for surfers.

Surfing is our medicine right? So… remain surf strong, fit and flexible & keep your exercise surfing workouts short, sharp & real.

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  1. Jules says:

    LOVED that SHAKE! Cheers. J

  2. Lizzy says:

    Thanks H. Love your blogs, the link to the nutrition information is just what I needed to read right now. Have been wondering how I can improve my body and surfing fitness yet neglected to think so much about the nutrition side. Thank you. Lizzy. UK

  3. Jimmy says:

    F….ck mate, you should be on the pro tour. Cheers. J

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